Parallel threaded couplers are easy to install, retain maximum steel cross-sectional area to ensure full strength at all joints, the resulting physical strength and quality of the rebar will not be degraded, with similar performance to a continuous piece of rebar. Independent structure does not reply on concrete for support, offering greater strength, ductility and cyclic performance. The threads are rolled onto the ends of the rebar instead of tripped back from the parent material, minimizing reduction in cross-sectional area.  Parallel threaded couplers are robust and flexible, with economical and straightforward installation, achieving efficient process, excellent quality, and quality inspection are relatively easy.  All Yau Sang couplers are tested in the labs for strength and reliability, will not easily fall part even when pulled with maximum force or during a simulated concrete deterioration. All couplers meets with the following standards :

  • BS8110:PART 1 : 1997, Clauses
  • Clause of the CoP for Structural Use of Concrete 2004
  • CEDD GS Volume 2:2006 Clause 15.35, mechanical requirement for rebar connectors
  • MTR Material and Workmanship Specification for Civil Engineering Works Clause 10.2222(a)&(b)
  • AC133, June 1, 2008, Clause : “Cyclic Tension & Compression Tests of Mechanical Connector Systems for steel reinforcing bars” – In section 9 of the “Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete 2004”