Made with superior abrasive and reinforced by fiber materials, our cutting wheels possess with high tensile, shock and bend resistance, offering safety and efficiency:

  1. Cutting wheels- suitable for the cutting of metallic and non-metallic materials
  2. Depressed center grinding wheels –these are suitable for refining welds, removing burrs, fragments, and dressing defects.
  3. Ultra-thin cutting wheels – suitable for cutting of stainless steel, steel sheet and thin-wall pipe
  4. Flexible grinding wheels – made with flexible adhesive, suitable for cutting and grinding narrow parts and curved corners
Reinforced Resin-bonded Cut-Off Wheels T41 TypeIt was made of high-quality raw and auxiliary materials with unique and advanced , which has been widely used in cutting unicoating metal or non-metallic materials.Specifications: 400 x 3.2 x 25.4

Cutting Power: 3kw

Speed: 2890 r/min

Constant Force Cutting: 45# material Ø30mm round steel for 20 times, cutting off within 4s per time in average

Wheels diameter can be left: ≧375mm

Wheels weights consumption: ≦85g


Ultra-thin Cutting Wheels T41 Type

Made from selected abrasive with unique and advanced production technology, designed for cutting and grooving stainless steel pipe, steel sheet and thin-wall pipe.

Specifications: 105 x 1.2 x 16 (single network)

Cutting Power: 720w

Speed: 11,000 r/min

Constant Force Cutting: 304# material

025 x 1mm wall thickness, stainless steel Pipe ≧ 30 times